• We offer custom-fit screens for internal and external use, to meet a multitude of needs, with modern fabrics which allow maximum light control without obscuring visibility, so that your views are unspoiled.

  • Besides light control, external screens offer excellent rain and wind protection to complete and maximise the use of your outdoor living and entertainment areas.

  • The Safehaven range will surpass your expectations for practical solutions and aesthetics. Motorisation offers added modern convenience.

Zip Screens

The perfect fit of these screens is enabled by a zip welded to the fabric, which runs inside a guide. This eliminates the gap between the fabric and the frame, allowing maximum resistance sealing from the elements by sealing off the area. They are neatly fitted in a powder-coated cassettes and preferably motorised.

beautifully safe shutters and screens for home security cape town

Drop screens

Our traditional drop screens are made from quality components. The fabrics are the same as for the zip screens, but without the guides and ventricle framework. They are cost-effective alternatives to zip screens when a side guide is not suitable, and they can be manually controlled or motorised.


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