Aluminium Adjustable Louvre Shutters

Our plantation-style shutters have adjustable louvres wider than those of traditional shutters, delivering a perfect package of aesthetics, light and privacy. This style of shutter was used in the stately mansions of the cotton plantations of the “Old South”, built before the American Civil War. Whilst still elegant with their clean lines, today they represent an eye-catching and contemporary, yet functional and long-lasting window covering and partitioning.

The louvres are tensioned to stay in any position you choose, allowing precise control of light, ventilation, visibility and privacy. They are effortless to clean, and collect less dust and debris than curtains, thus being the ideal window covering for those suffering from asthma and allergies. They provide insulation from heat, noise and may be locked for added security.

They can be used in almost any opening inside your home. The most popular applications include windows, doorways and room dividers. Our shutter units are custom-made around each application. Safehaven Shutters and Screens has a hands-on, practical approach, and can offer flexible shutter solutions wherever shutters are required.

A range of finishes allows you to complement existing décor.

Advanced Security and Sun Control

Custom made and professionally installed.
High quality powder coat finish.
Fast turnaround time.

beautifully safe shutters and screens for home security cape town

Aluminium shutters


This is one of our most sought-after products. The choice of aluminium adds high security and a modern look, without losing the classy appeal of the traditional wood.

A one-key-fits-all option offers the convenience of a single key to lock all the aluminium shutters in your home, so you do not need a bunch of labelled keys.

The shutters can be hinged in a neat architrave frame, or one can opt for a slide-and-fold stackaway system.

Solid timber shutters


Nothing rivals the natural beauty of the finest quality wood. Safehaven Shutters and Screens uses only solid timber. We like to think of our work as art, and ourselves as artisans.

Obeche Range: Obeche is a relatively well-priced, lightweight, closed-grain timber that is spray-painted easily. Choose between a solid colour or a stain finish to perfectly complement your décor.

Exotic Timber Range: These shutters are made from hardwoods and are either oiled, or clear-lacquered, depending on the chosen timber. Popular choices of timber include Iroko, Cherry, Ash, Oak and Maple.


standard colour range